Quality management – the number one topic at 4Source

As a distributor with multiple certifications, we undertake all possible quality assurance measures to minimise residual risks. This includes a complex rating and ranking system for suppliers, preferring sources who can supply full proof of origin (CoC), as well as the technical checks which every sold component goes through.

The goods receipt check is therefore based on the strict American IDEA standard, which stipulates a complex test cascade so as to rule out all imaginable sources of error.


X-ray Inspection

In-depth testing of components by means of X-ray inspection

High-tech in quality assurance services. In addition to BGA and void inspection, optical error analysis, acetone testing, microscopy etc., all handled components are also routinely passed through the X-ray station. Every component is therefore put to “the acid test” and is compared with the relevant specifications and datasheets of the manufacturer. Potential fake components become evident at this point at the latest.

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Merchandise management, warehouse and logistics are fully ESD-protected

The entire warehouse is technologically as well as organisationally up-to-date. All workflows – particularly in quality assurance – are defined in detail, constantly optimised and also individualised based on customer audits. Merchandise management, warehouse and logistics form a closed, ESD-protected zone, which is accessible to trained and suitably clothed staff only.

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Use of the latest quality assurance technology

The warehouse and logistics area of 4Source possesses ideal technical equipment, thereby guaranteeing professional, quality-assuring processing.

Visual inspection of components by means of the latest digital microscopy:
  • Keyence VHX-7000 digital microscope with 1000x magnification
  • Keyence VHX-5000 digital microscope with 1000x magnification
  • Keyence VHX-600 digital microscope with 200x magnification
X-ray inspection under laboratory conditions, BGA and void:
  • FeinFocus Y.Cougar X-ray system for 2D and 3D microfocus inspection
Photographic documentation of overall goods turnover:
  • digital Nikon SLRs with Life View and network connection
Component drying and dry storage (moisture level):
  • Totech EU SD-1106-01 and Mekko AD606 for trays, reels, other packaging units
Component programming of more than 50,000 components:
  • Conitec GALEP-5D
Measuring technique for the parameter testing of passive components:
  • LCR Meter Sourcetronic ST 2830