4Source virtues: Honesty and customer-oriented transparency

4Source is neither a classic chip broker nor a normal distributor. We are different from a classic chip broker in that we see our commitment to special procurement as facilitative support for resolving your procurement bottlenecks and not as an emergency to be taken advantage of to gain exorbitant margins. We are different from a normal distributor in that we operate freely and, primarily, without depending on any manufacturer – this opens up the entire global market for us.

We make fair calculations, communicate transparently and do not make empty promises – you can take our word for it. People are at the centre of everything we do and the task to be performed is the focus of all our activities.
One look at our company’s quality guidelines will give you an insight into the impartial commitment of our employees.




4Source company history – a success story for more than 20 years

2017 to 2019: Towards the future

Due to market strength allocation, we are well prepared for the future challenges and opportunities.

A solid allocation delivers the highest revenues in the company’s history and 4Source expands at its location – storage area, logistics and quality assurance merge to form the new 4Source warehouse (…)

The time of sideways trending markets is over: Shortages of passive components positively impact on our core business in the second half of 2017.

2012 to 2016: The mature phase

Despite industry-wide stagnation, 4Source scores with its clear customer orientation and can boast of significant annual growth with meanwhile 32 permanent employees.

Warehouse capacity grows – the purchase and sales team literally comes closer on a limited area to accommodate the new ESD areas.

Stable profit situation and festive mood: 4Source celebrates its 15th birthday on 1st May! Successful re-certifications in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 among others.

Further development of the quality assurance department: component programming, negative control and reading tests, contact and parameter test of microcontrollers, EPROMs and memories.

Optimisation of in-house services: component and assembly tests by means of X-ray inspection, BGA and void inspection and optical error analysis.

2010 and 2011: The big boom

Extensive investments in merchandise management, logistics and quality assurance. EN/AS 9120:2010 certification for the aerospace industry and introduction of ISO 14001:2009.

The allocation year brings enormous sales and profit growth. More employees hired for quality assurance and administration; 30 employees.

2006 to 2009: Consolidation

We develop our quality standards right in the middle of the crisis. The anticyclical investment in new sales staff would soon prove to be worthwhile…

4Source strengthens its commitment to the markets in the Far East that are becoming more and more important.

The process of certification that was started in the previous year in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 is completed successfully.

Foundation is laid for further growth: 4Source moves to new premises at the “Atrium am Rosengarten” in Dresden.

2002 to 2005: The development phase

The expansion of the EU turns Eastern European countries into interesting sales markets; 4Source puts fourth its hand. By this stage it has 20 employees.

Enhanced customer retention and cost-saving service become the focus of acquisition. The company also develops new markets in Western Europe.

The warehouse grows and is equipped in accordance with ESD guidelines during the course of expansion.

The company adopts an expansion policy despite the difficult economic setting; increase in the nominal capital helps in making the necessary investments.

1999 to 2001: The founding years

4Source starts its first warehouse acquisitions, thereby starting a second business segment as a “stockholding distributor” and concludes the first buyouts – including speculative ones.

Boom year for chip brokers – global component shortage results in good turnovers and allows the company to grow quickly.

On May 1st, “Labour Day”, 4Source electronics AG starts its business activities in Dresden, Initial workforce: 4 employees.


Benefit from career opportunities with a semiconductor distributor!

4Source is an independent trading company for electronic components and is headquartered in Dresden. We operate globally, fulfilling the special procurement orders of our customers, and sell to industrial customers. Traditionally, our sales focus is in the German-speaking countries – but we are also pursuing systematic market development in Europe with increasing success.

4Source is a sought-after employer in this region. This is why we never have any lack of talent and currently do not have any job vacancies to offer. However, our company is growing constantly and we are open to hiring a dedicated, success-oriented person – especially in the sales department.

If you think you are the right person for the job, write to us about your motivation to join 4Source. We would be glad to receive your speculative application!


Extracts from the Quality Management Handbook of 4Source

A warm welcome to our customers…

4Source sees itself as a link between the free market and the industry.
We aim to become and remain the preferred supplier and partner for end customers and distributors in our main business segment. The market position that we can achieve is based on satisfaction with our services and the enthusiasm of our clients. This is why we make a comprehensive commitment to quality service and place it at the centre of our company culture and values.

Our know-how is reflected in our know-where!

With the motto “You call – we work – you gain”, we would like to prove to our customers day in and day out that

  • 4Source is often more cost-effective and faster.
  • 4Source finds sources that others don’t.
  • 4Source delivers reliably, promptly and on schedule.
  • 4Source informs and communicates quickly, comprehensively and honestly.

Honesty in what we say and reliability in what we do are the basis for all our customer relationships.
This means that

  • we do not offer services that we cannot provide
  • and we are passionate about the services we do provide.
It is important to us to acquire and retain each and every client!

We want to ensure that the workplace we provide to our employees offers a healthy and family-like working environment characterised by esteem and mutual respect. We want to achieve all of this with a minimum of necessary rules and maximum freedom. We therefore require and expect the following from our employees:

  • clear and lasting commitment to the company in the sense of entrepreneurial thinking
  • a team-oriented thought process and independent working according to the principles of the "internal customer supplier relationship"
  • professional and honest conduct in all customer relationships in order to achieve efficient solutions which are creative, flexible, customer-oriented and good for the company
  • business-like, target-oriented and prompt communication during conflict situations
  • high willingness to further develop their qualifications and know-how

Our service quality is reflected in the product quality of our suppliers. We procure from secure sources or inform our customers about the risks in advance. We expect on-time delivery from our suppliers at the expected quality and offer them a long-term business relationship as well as prompt payment according to the agreement.

Error prevention is an absolute priority for us.

We cannot exclude errors but we respond to problems actively and in a business-like and target-oriented manner. We implement changes in order to prevent errors and to increase productivity in the context of structured, continuous process improvement measures.

We want to be a successful investment for our shareholders in the long run.

The consistent implementation of these guidelines contributes to the economic security of the company and to the preservation of jobs.